Survivors Night

The 2023 Survivors Night  Aug 13th

Victoria Hall, Campbeltown 

2023 Bands TBC


The 2022 bands were SLAINTE DAVAAR ALLSTARS, RHUVAAL, FL!NG + Alex, Archie & Arran McAllister, Gilchristians, Che Martin, and Session A83.  Alison M Leith was your MC

Doors were at 7.30pm

Tickets were – £22 

 7 Slainte Davaar Allstars

SLAINTE DAVAAR ALLSTARS bring together established local musicians and fresh talent they’ve created a sound that is powerhouse vocals, lively rhythm section and dazzling horns all fused into one. 

The band are currently hard at work preparing an irresistible set of classic and modern hits, including a few songs you never knew were made to be performed this way



Rhuvaal are a young, fun and energetic traditional band based in Argyll, Scotland. Formed in 2015, the band have grown and developed over the past 7 years into a group of enthusiastic young musicians who are making a huge impression on the traditional music scene in Scotland. Supported by an ever increasing loyal fanbase, Rhuvaal continue to grow in popularity and experience.



‘a period of enjoyment or lively behaviour’.  That’s all you need to know about this 5-piece party band from Campbeltown.  FLING make their debut at Survivors night having previously performed at Up the Close and the 2020 Virtual Music Festival.


 Archie Alex and Arran McAllister Survivors NightAlex, Archie and Arran McAllister

It’s great to see Alex, Archie and Arran back on stage again at Survivors Night.  Alex and Archie have played many times with the Wee Toon Tellers at Survivors and they also performed at the Saturday Headline concert in 1994.  Arran is no stranger to the stage and has played with the Dalriada Connections Band and his own band Rhuvaal many times at the Festival



Session A83 (2)SESSION A83: Some of the best local and national traditional musicians help start the concert in rousing style.  Expect some surprise guests when this band take to the stage 





Che Martin

Che Martin

Che is a local songwriter whose influences can be heard in his songs and his journey in his lyrics.  He has written various tracks including “You were my woman” and “Frost can’t fight the sun” which are available on Bandcamp.   His first song “This is Scotland” will be available to download soon.

He will be joined by  Dave Baggaley who has collaborated on many of his tracks and live performances.




Alison M Leith

Alison yet again takes the reigns as MC for this legendary concert having performed as the lead singer of Slainte Davaar Allstars since the bands inception and debut in 2012.  Alison has also performed with Gullion at both Survivors Night and the Saturday night concerts in the Vic in 2016 and 2018

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