Year 19


The Bootleg Beatles rolled into Campbeltown in 2011 to perform a truly memorable set at the Sat night concert in Victoria Hall. Local pipers Ian McKerral and John Brown joined them at the end of the show for the band’s first-ever rendition on Mull of Kintyre. This performance led to Iain and John performing with the band at the Royal Concert Hall that year.

The Karen Matheson Band headlined the Traditional Concert in its new venue, Campbeltown Heritage Centre, with Jim Malcom and Suzanne Houston playing support with the Twisted Melons playing support in the Victoria Hall.

Fergie MacDonald and Jamie Smith’s Mabon performed at the Festival Ceilidh whilst Ali Hutton & Kevin O’Neil and Lorne MacDougall’s Hello World Band headlined the Mitchell’s Glengyle Dalriada Connections Concert. The Fillers closed the Festival by headlining Survivors Night on the night that Il Brasso made their debut.

This was also the year we introduced Tuesday and Wednesday Festival Heritage Trail Walks, which continue to this day. The Festival free events featured Cabin Fever, Monkey Shoulder, Medium High and Familiar Faces at Doon the Green, plus the parade and various other performances across the town.

Festival Poster


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