Festival Ceilidh Night – Aug 11th 2023

Victoria Hall, Campbeltown 

In 2022 the performers were Fiobha Ceilidh Band, Cala, Dalriada Connections Band and Kintyre Schools Pipe Band

Tickets were £18 & £9 for under 12’s

 5 FiobhaFìobha Ceilidh Band

Based in Perthshire and Fife with musicians from around Scotland, the Fìobha Ceilidh Band are a five piece who are making their debut at this year’s festival. 

The band provide the full authentic Ceilidh experience, with a modern energetic flare and come with a huge reputation.




Cala is a 6 piece traditional band mainly based in Inverness. Following the success of their debut single ‘Causeway’ in late 2020 the band will release their debut album in this year. Cala have evolved their sound with lineup, choice of instruments and stylistic changes making them the band they are today.

The band’s choice of instruments and attention to detail in arranging and writing creates Cala’s unique spin on Scottish trad – a fresh, full, and exciting sound

Dalriada Connections Band 2021

 Dalriada Connections Band

Performance from a core group of musicians, supplemented by students and tutors from Campbeltown Grammar School and artists from across the celtic world.




KSPB 2019

 Kintyre Schools Pipe Band

Appeared at our Ceilidh in for the first time since 2019 is our very own award-winning pipe band. Promising youngsters and dedicated tutors provided a stunning performance to open this years event.


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