Doon the Green

CalMac Culture Stage 2016

Kinloch Green, Campbeltown (FREE)

We are looking forward to a bit of sun again this year with live music from The Twisted Melons, Treble Trouble and CalMac Culture winners Dumb Instrument, plus stalls, exhibition stands, children’s entertainer The Funky Chicken and her helpers will be there and much more.

The Twisted Melons

4763_98756386371_7899736_nA vastly experienced local 3 piece band with over 450 shows under their belts, The Twisted Melons are one of the west of Scotland’s best kept secrets, playing live relentlessly in small venues throughout the country while regularly producing and releasing their music 100% independently.

Comprised of the three Johnson brothers, the band have an uncanny sibling musical telepathy that makes every show a one-off. Moving effortlessly between psychedelia, hard rock, pop, funk, fusion and electronica, the band recall the great bands of the past while moving towards the future along their own path.

Their diverse sound has seen them supporting a wide range of acts such as Owl John, Focus, Here We Go Magic, Pete MacLeod, Otherkin and Deacon Blue.

The Twisted Melons 4th album West Of The Rock is released on 1st April 2016.

Dumb Instrument

Dumb Instrument are an award winning 7 piece band mostly from Ayrshire; strong songs with impressively simplistic music, observational lyrics with a humorous slant, dark,  mysterious dumbinstrument smsounding instrumentation that enhances rather than clutters. A touch of Nick Cave meets Gilbert O’Sullivan, if you will! 

Tom Murray’s soft Scottish accent adds a distinct, natural warmth to the, not to be missed, lyrics. Mikey Grant’s embellishing and vibrant piano work is exquisite and perfectly poised to enhance the sentiment of the words while Kieron Campbell provides the solid but sparse bass lines locked tight into Iain Duncan’s peerless timekeeping. The steel guitar of Thomas Marsden adds a dream like quality while Vanessa Smith and Ross McCrae provide beautiful brass fills at just the right moments. All-in-all, Dumb Instrument put together magnificent pieces of contemporary, musical story telling to enjoy at any time and in any place. Charming, relaxing and very, very cool!

Treble Trouble

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